Innovative solutions

Our slogan is "Art of Paddling"

 See the list of KayakFirst's All-In-One module system ergometer's innovative solutions

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Best "water-like" stroke

best characteristics / less “pulling-back” effect / better use of pushing hands

Cheapest price

price from € 1000 + VAT

Colors as you wish

order in you club colors or other colors as you wish

Compact size

carry with a personal car / if not used store vertical in less than half m2  

Different paddle type imitation

with the help of adjustable extraction points

Easy adjustment

everything is in hand / strength adjustment right between your legs

Fix anything anywhere

same fixing points for all accessories


motion control for perfect style and for educational purposes

Module system

core bench for kayak, dragon and rowing / canoe bench additional / rolling bench additional for even better stroke

Smart solutions

iOS and Android app / performance measurement / digital training log in user account / real-time online race with your buddy

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