Jozsef Weimper, founder of KayakFirst is an active kayaker even today. Like most of the paddlers he also missed a proper sports-specific subtitute for training in cold wheather. Paddlers can not do their specific training whole year long, as athletes of any other sports disciplines can. Jozsef, recognized the enormus need of a proper machine.

He trained on all the ergometers available on the market when he was a manager at the Hungarian Canoe Federation – and learned all the disadvantages of those machines: big size, unrealistic water-catch, high price, outdated displays.

Since he was a manager and handyman at the same time, with years of development, dedication, nights spent in the workshop the results came together. Now, backed by powerful investors and a professional team and lots of good customer feedbacks, at KayakFirst his aim is the sky.

We at KayakFirst invite you to join the community of happy people of all arts of paddling!