How much does an ergometer cost?

It depends on the model. Please, see the full price list and shipping costs in the pricing menu. If you visit our webshop, you can choose your preferred model with options and check the price even in your local currency. 

How can I pay?

PayPal, Credit Card (Mollie), or bank transfer. PayPal and Credit Card payment is only in our webshop available. We suggest, to purchase in our webshop, instead of email. We can only ship we once we receive the payment.

This is the final price? VAT?

We are in the EU. For EU citizens we can sell only with VAT that is +27% in our country. You don't need to pay the VAT if you are not living in the EU or you have a valid EU VAT number (e.g. you are a company). You can check whether you have a valid EU VAT number here.

I am from a country located outside of the EU?

No VAT, but there might be taxes or duties required by your country, which we are not aware of.

What is the price in my local currency?

Please, visit our webshop and set your currency on the product page.


Shipment, availability

Do you ship to...?

Almost 100%, we do! Please, check the list of countries on the pricing menu. During the COVID-19 crisis, there are some (very few) restricted areas where we cannot, or to where there is a slight delay. Before you order, if you feel your area is affected, please check your postal code on coronavirus update at the top of the page.

Do you have stock?

Because of the high demand now, we sold out our machines in stock, but we still have stock of parts. So, we cannot ship immediately but in a few days, we assemble and ship your machine.

Shipping time?

The current shipping time can be found on our webshop.

What is the shipping cost to my country?

The shipping costs are based on regions, to see the shipping price list visit pricing menu.

How do you ship the ergometers?

The shipment will vary according to quantity and location. In general, we ship with UPS.



Do you have used machines?


Is installment payment possible? Can I pay monthly fees?

Unfortunately, we don't. You can't.

Do you rent machines?


Do you sponsor?

To talk about sponsorship, we usually require you to be a World Champion or an Olympic Champion. 

Do you have a dealer in...?

In most of the countries, we don't have a dealer, we ship directly.

Can I alternate sides on SUP/Va'a like on the water?

No, we couldn't find a durable, good-looking, and cost-effective solution for this yet. But we provide two shafts on both sides. 

Which top athletes use your machines?

Please, check ABOUT US / OUR CHAMPIONS menu.

Is the machine adaptable for para-athletes?

Yes, the bench itself and the rail-system makes it easy to install any specific para-accessories. Many top para-athletes are using our machines (ABOUT US / OUR CHAMPIONS menu).

What are the measurements of the machine?

Which machine? Find your machine in our webshop and read the technical details tab on the product page. 


Use, maintenance & warranty

What is the assembling time?

2-4 hours depending on your abilities.

Is there a heart rate monitor?


Can I connect to ZWIFT?


Can I connect to Apple Watch?


Why is the pulley high? 

Worth watching this video.

How do you adjust the stroke resistance on the machine?

Open or close the airflow. Open it to make it harder.

User manual/assembly manual?

We provide video manuals. You can access the user manual and assembly manual via our website with an access key, after purchasing our machine. You find the access details on the invoice as well as on a piece of paper in the package.

Is it loud?

No, the ergometer is relatively quiet, no louder than a working washing machine, and quieter than a hairdryer.

How long warranty is there?

We give 6 months of warranty for ropes and bungee cords, 1 year for pulleys, bearings, and some other movable parts. And 3 years for non-movable parts, like structure, components, etc.

What is the maintenance I should do on my ergometer, and how often?

Not more you should do, as with your bicycle or your car. Keep it clean, avoid dust, check sometimes the condition of the movable parts (pulleys, bearings, strings, and the rails).

Is it durable?

Yes. We have machines many years old, still in use. General maintenance and keeping clean helps a lot!

Who will maintain or repair my machine, if there is a problem?

- the simplest if you do that with the help of our video manuals, we provide the parts

- if there is a dealer you can contact him

- you can send back to us 

Do you sell parts for the machine as well?

Of course.