How much does an ergometer cost?

The prices of the ergometers will verify accordingly to the paddling discipline, if you want them with the sliding-bench option and if you combine multiple disciplines. To see our detailed price list, click here.

How can I pay?

You can pay via PayPal, credit-debit card or bank transfer. You can place your order directly through our website or request it through email and we will process your order manually.

What is the VAT for Hungary?

The VAT for Hungary is 27%.

I am from a country located outside of the EU, do I have to pay VAT?

The VAT is a mandatory tax only for purchases made by private customers from within the EU. Therefore customers from outside the EU, do not have to pay this tax as long as the delivery address is also outside of the EU. Though there might be taxes required by your country, we are not aware of them.

If I purchase the machine with a VAT registered number do I still have to pay VAT?

If the purchase is done through an institution that has an EU registered number, the 27% VAT tax is not applied.


What is the shipping cost to my country?

The shipping costs are based on regions, to see the shipping price list click here.

I just paid, how long will it take for my ergo to arrive?

The time for the amount paid may vary to be visible at our bank. Once we identify the payment, we ship your ergometer. Shipment time also varies according to location, type of shipment, number of ergometers ordered and stock availability. Please contact us for specific delivery time.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship to pretty much any country, in case you don't see your country on this list please contact us.

How do you ship the ergometers?

We ship 1-2 units with UPS and above that we ship on a pallet.


How long warranty is there?

We give six months of warranty for the movable parts, like pulleys, bearings, strings, and ropes. And one year to the non-movable parts, like structure, components and etc…

Is the ergometer available in any color?

We have the ergometers in the colors: Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Silver, and Gold(extra 100EUR for Gold and Silver ergometers. Customized colors are subjected to a cost addition and special delivery time.

Is the machine adaptable for para-athletes?

The design of the bench and the rail system makes our machine suitable to be adapted for para-athlete accessories. See this video!

What about the user and assembling manuals?

Yes. The assembling manual will be made available for you once you place your order. The user manual is available on our YouTube page but will also be sent to you via email.

I live in an apartment, is the ergometer loud?

No, it is quieter than a hairdryer.

What are the measurements of the machine?

186cm (l) x 66cm (w) x 114cm (h)  - (w) 74inch (l) x 26inch (h) x 45inch (w)

The ropes on my ergometer seem to be wobbling/flying around what should I do?

As you can see in this video, to achieve the best paddling feeling the rope should be stretched when paddling. We ship the ropes with a standardized measurement and it might be too long for some customers, causing this wobbling effect. To solve this issue, cut about 10-20 CM of the tope and test it until you feel that the rope doesn’t fly around when paddling.

Mobile Application

Where can I get the app for my ergometer?

You can get our free KayakFirst Paddle App for your IOS devices, and you can get it for Android devices too. Your training logs can be checked on our website too.

My app is not working.

This can happen for many reasons. See this video and verify what can be the possible causes. If none of the suggestions given work, please contact us.

Do I have to use the app or can I use the touch screen on the machine?

You can train using the app, which means your training will be stored on your account. Or you can train directly on the machine, without connecting your mobile device, but that means you are not storing your training logs. 

How do I update my Ergometer?

There will be updates not only for your mobile application but also for your ergometer. You will be able to update your ergometer through your mobile device when using our KayakFirst Paddle App mobile application. See how by clicking here.

Do I have to insert the right weight on the machine?

Yes. An algorithm calculates speed, distance and so on based on the data inputted. Thus the data input must be as accurate as possible.


What is the maintenance I should do on my ergometer, and how often?

The maintenance is very simple, keep it always clean, especially the movable parts (pulleys, bearings, strings and the rails). And once a year lubricate the main pulley and its axis. You obviously have to keep an eye on the parts as they wear off with time and will eventually need to be replaced.

Why is the pulley high? Can I use the pulley low?

After a lot of research and calculations, we realized that there was a problem with the conventional paddling machines. Their pulley was low. This meant that the athletes training on those ergometers only pulled the rope, but they didn’t have the downward movement. Thus they lost performance on the water, therefore we recommend you to keep your pulley high.

How do you adjust the stroke resistance on the machine?

To see how to adjust  check out the user manual.

Do you sell parts for the machine as well?

We sell any spare parts that our customers may need.

It feels hard to paddle on my machine, what could it be?

Watch this video to see the possible causes. If none of the suggestions given worked for you, please contact us by clicking here.

My display is not turning on

Watch this video and see the possible causes. If none of the suggestions given work contact us by clicking here.

I hear a strange noise

Watch this video and see the possible causes. If none of the suggestions given work contact us by clicking here.