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Szegedi Sárkányhajó Egyesület

18th of October in a cold, windy weather, outside at the balcony of the Szeged Dragon Boat Club's, 10 pioneers (3 brave ladies and 7 men) established the first 100km toughness challenge record of the dragon teams. They had a good reason to be happy, as they not only made an excellent time but managed to be just below 11 hours of paddling with a few seconds.

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So, the existing record of a really tough dragon boat team looks as below:

  • 10 hours 59 minutes 33 seconds 84 centiseconds [10h 59m 33s 84cs] 
  • average 9,1km/h speed
  • average 6:36 min/1000m temp

Szeged Dragon Boat Club (Szegedi Sárkányhajó Egyesület) team members:

  • Zsuzsanna Hangai (w)
  • Renáta Papp(w)
  • Marcsi Ábrahám (w)
  • Tibor Ábrahám (m)
  • Dénes Gál (m)
  • Zoltán Engi (m)
  • Zoltán Iványi (m)
  • Csaba Stájer (m)
  • Ádám Stutzmann (m)
  • Tibor Balaicz (m)

There are already applicants to beat the record, just saying... laughing

Kayak 100km leaderboard

  1. [HU] ESMTK (7h 28m 32s 56ms)
  2. [HU] UTE (7h 54m 00s 31ms)

Dragon 100km leaderboard

  1. [HU] Rába Dragon Boat Club (9h 37m 28s 13cs)
  2. [HU] Szeged Dragon Boat Club (10h 59m 33s 84ms)