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There are enough machines around already, that we thought it's time to bring our old plan alive and start a challenge to make your winter season training more motivating. The KayakFirst 100km Toughness Challenge! The team with the best 100km time will earn the "100km record breaker" KayakFirst title with a trophy and medals!

Our mission is to make canoeing athletes know the importance of sport-specific training (in our case: paddling) during the winter season as well. Every year we lose our sport-specific abilities, like paddling style, endurance, and specific strength. KayakFirst built the machine that brings the most realistic stroke for every discipline into your gyms and homes. Our efforts seem to be paying off with time. The pandemic this year made more and more people recognize the advantages of our machines. 

The rules are simple:

  • This is like a paddling replay race, so you are not cannot swap a team member by another, you can only take turn among the teammates;
  • All teams who beat the actual record get the KayakFirst Trophy and the medals, as 100km record-breakers;
  • 100km is a lot, so - at the moment – we expect a maximum of 5 members kayak and canoe teams, and 10 members dragon and SUP teams to make the best time on 100km;
  • You can participate from all over the world, you only need a KayakFirst Paddle machine (2020 model or above);
  • You can be less than the maximum number of team members;
  • There are no restrictions on gender or age of the team members (so, on the other hand - at the moment - there are no categories such as men, women, juniors, etc.);
  • There is no rule on how often you should change the team members on the machine, it should be part of your tactic;
  • Normally, KayakFirst machines calculate the information based on your body-weight and boat weight to make your speed on the machine more realistic, but as you race as a team:
    • body weight must be set to 75kg
    • boat weight must set as below:
      • kayak: 12kg
      • canoe: 14kg
      • dragon: 12kg;
  • All teams have to make a short (1-2) minutes summary video about the race and send it to KayakFirst or share it on KayakFirst's Facebook page. Name of the team, name of team members, the gender of team members must be sent also to KayakFirst or published on the KayakFirst Facebook page. The video and the information helps to keep the challenge rolling and make your result valid. An album with images and photos to be shared is also appreciated;
  • If you break the actual record, KayakFirst will send you the Trophy and the medals, and we would be happy if you post an image about the rewarded happy team;
  • FAIR PLAY: Record-breaking works with self-declaration, we would like to trust you. Mates, cheating makes no sense! This is not the Olympic Games, or a race for life or death! If you want the trophy and medals as much that you are willing to cheat, we would rather send you one, even though you don’t deserve it. Don't forget: We are athletes, our biggest goal is to defeat ourselves!

If you wish to join the challenge, please, contact us!

Suggested strength level setups on 2020 model:

  Kayak Dragon Canoe SUP
Children 10-11 age 1** - 1 -
Children 12-13 age 1-2** - 1-2 -
Boys 14-15 2-3 1 2-3 1
Girls 14-15 1-2 1 1-2 1
Boys 16-17 3-4 1 2-3 1
Girls 16-17 2-3 1 2-3 1
Men 18+ 4-8 2-4 3-5 1-2
Women 18+ 3-5 1-2 3-5 1

* Higher levels of resistance suggested only for strength training. ** Purchasing an extra children's shaft is recommended

Kayak 100km leaderboard

  1. [HU] ESMTK (7h 28m 32s 56ms)
  2. [HU] UTE (7h 54m 00s 31ms)

Dragon 100km leaderboard

  1. [HU] Rába Dragon Boat Club (9h 37m 28s 13cs)
  2. [HU] Szeged Dragon Boat Club (10h 59m 33s 84ms)