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There are enough machines around already, that we thought it's time to bring our old plan alive and start a challenge to make your winter season training more motivating. The KayakFirst 100km Toughness Challenge! The team with the best 100km time will earn the "100km record breaker" KayakFirst title with a trophy and medals!

In UTE's gym (the club of 5-times women's kayak sprint Olympic Champion Danuta Kozak), on the 17th of October, two teams competed head to head almost till the end for the first trophy and the medals of "KayakFirst 100km toughness challenge". This time ESMTK seemed to be more durable and won the first trophy with the unbelievable 7 hours 28 minutes 32 seconds and 56centiseconds time.

Kayak 100km leaderboard

  1. [HU] ESMTK (7h 28m 32s 56ms)
  2. [HU] UTE (7h 54m 00s 31ms)

Dragon 100km leaderboard

  1. [HU] Rába Dragon Boat Club (9h 37m 28s 13cs)
  2. [HU] Szeged Dragon Boat Club (10h 59m 33s 84ms)